In Praise of Medicine

Three posts in one day – a record for me. This one is short but heartfelt.

10 days ago I go bashed myself in the face with a costume rail and broke a small bone in my face – the zygomatic arch. This is really a very small thing – very little pain, no blood, no bruising – just a noticeable dent.  However, the only way to get your face straightened out is surgery which I had last Saturday.

What got my attention was the sheer number of really pleasant, highly competent people working to correct this rather trivial problem which I inflicted on myself – surgeon, doctors, anaesthetists, nurses, health care workers, even the porters .  I know its their job but everyone made me feel like they really cared and that I was in excellent hands. This happened to be the NHS and therefore state funded but no doubt the same would apply in most countries in the world.  Sometimes I think we take health services for granted.


1 Response to “In Praise of Medicine”

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